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Many vintage tonearms do not have the azimuth adjustment capability and neither do the stock headshells.  This headshell allows for precise cartridge and stylus alignment.

We’ve retained the look and dimensions of the original headshell and is intended for the S-120, S-160, and Micropoise tonearms

Inquire as to the price and how to order.

If you would like this combo please inquire about price and how to order.

Inquire as to the price and how to order.

The metal bayonet H-4 style headshell has a standard barrel whose dimensions are 8 mm diameter and 12 mm length with its four pins connected to the four color coded lead wires.

Our Dual TK-24 cartridge holder (gray color) for many Dual turntable models in the 400, 500, 600, and 1200 series.

High quality and perfect fit Dual TK-12 holder plus a great Audio Technica AT-VM95E cartridge pre-mounted and aligned.

Top slots make cartridge mounting easy and allows for better positioning and alignment.

For the original (OEM) Empire cartridge holder used on the 980 or 990 tonearms. Machined from high grade aluminum with a M2.5 thread pitch.

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