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Dual Turntable Cartridge Adapter 269-611 (Gray)

Dual Turntable Cartridge Adapter 269-611

Our cartridge adapter allows for the use of a standard 1/2" mount cartridge.

The proprietary and superior design has proven to be the most reliable and popular with more than 400 sold worldwide. We have fabricated our adapter from a strong and durable 21st century plastic that won't break at the latch hooks like the original made with stiff injection molded plastic. In fact, we've never had a latch hook break or deform. Our adapter is same dimension as the original for an accurate fit and proper weight. And, our newest design uses precision fixed gold contact pins set in the same straight line pattern as the original. These precision contacts don't add undue force like those with over sized spring loaded pins.

Our features include:

  • same width and length as the original Dual design

  • perfect fit - no modifications required

  • fixed gold plated signal contacts

  • silver coated multi-strand wires

  • premium alloy round cartridge connectors individually soldered and never crimped on the wire

  • highest quality silver based solder with clean, precise joints

  • adapter security locking screw

Our cartridge adapter fits models 505, 505-1, 506-1, 508, 528, 607, 608, 617Q, 627Q, 708Q, 728Q, 741Q, 1254, 1258, 1268. There is no modification required with any of the models listed. As Dual experts we can quickly advise you as to whether this is the proper fit for your tonearm.

Please note when using a 1/2" cartridge adapter on Dual models with the ULM tonearm a supplemental counterweight often times is necessary. See the appropriate Dual turntable operating manual for more information about when the supplemental weight is necessary or contact us for fast and friendly assistance. And, visit our ebay store where you can choose between two different supplemental counterweights. Or, check out our great combo unit - a cartridge adapter plus a supplemental weight.

If you have any question with regards to maintaining your Dual turntable in top condition feel free to contact us. As longtime trusted and respected Dual turntable service and repair experts we'll be glad help.


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