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Top slots make cartridge mounting easy and allows for better positioning and alignment.

Are you in need of a new high performance phono cartridge?  What about other accessories or parts?  Well now we can supply you with the latest Ortofon products.  As an Ortofon Authorized Dealer we have access to all of the Ortofon HiFi products.  Let us know what you n...

Have you ever noticed the little white line on the front edge of the Dual TK-12 cartridge holder?  Most users haven't noticed and if they did they don't care.  Still a few others think this is a center line.  But if you look closely and in fact measure the line's posit...

Watch out for crimped on connectors that don't make a solid connection.

So what is the proper way to install the AR XA headshell?   To properly install it the headshell should be inserted into the arm want until flush and held in that position and only then should the locking collar be tightened.

Some Acoustic Research AR XA and XB owners aren't familiar with the process for setting the stylus overhang.  In this post, we'll go over how to correctly set your stylus overhang, and discuss why it's so important.

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