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Azimuth Adjustable Turntable Headshell (Gray)

Azimuth Adjustable Headshell

Headshell with the all important azimuth adjustment feature. Our headshell is compatible with many turntable tonearms using the H4 style mount (also known as an SME mount). Most Japanese designed turntables and tonearms from the 60's - 80's with "S" and "J" shaped tonearms utilize this type of headshell.

Our headshell features the ability to adjust the stylus azimuth for a true perpendicular groove position. Many vintage tonearms do not have the azimuth adjustment capability and neither do the stock headshells. This headshell allows for precise cartridge and stylus alignment. The M2 screw mates with an insert allowing the connector to be adjusted using a hex wrench (included). The headshell is manufactured from a strong polymer and has a built-in finger lift and 1/2" on center cartridge mounting slots. Overall weight is 10 grams which is ideal for many tonearms.


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