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Thoren TD-150 MKII Turntable Cartridge Alignment Gauge

Pioneer PL-L1000 Turntable Cartridge Alignment Gauge

Our Thorens TD 150 MKII turntable overhang gauge was expertly designed to insure accuracy when used with the Thorens TP 50 headshell. The sight line on our gauge is the correct distance for the Thorens TD 150 MKII tonearm. We fabricate our gauge out of a smooth, strong, and precise aluminum infused plastic.

With our gauge you can easily set the correct stylus position in the headshell. Once the proper overhang has been achieved the stylus groove tracing will be optimal.

If you need to know whether your Thorens model utilizes this gauge (as it is not appropriate for all models) or need assistance with its use please contact us


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