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Vinyl Record Center Hole Tool

Vinyl Record Center Hole Tool

Pat's Audio LP vinyl record center hole cutting tool. Precision manufactured to the exact specification as set by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The RIAA established the record manufacturing center hole diameter standard for 33 and 78 rpm records at 0.286". Yet record manufacturers at times undercut the center hole diameter which makes placing and removing the record on the platter spindle very tight if not impossible.

There are drill bits that come close to the RIAA standard but the nearest size is slightly larger than the RIAA standard. And the problem with a drill bit is it can cut too much material when it catches on the hole distorting the circular shape. Our fluted tool has six straight cutting surfaces that will produce a true circle and remove only enough material to match the 0.286" diameter. Our tool comes with a comfortable rubber grip and the tempered steel will stay sharp for years.

This convenient tool is a must for vinyl lovers who want to keep their album collection in pristine condition.

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