Dual Turntable 269-611 Cartridge Alignment Gauge

Cartridge Alignment Overhang Gauge for the Dual 269-611 cartridge adapter. Used with Dual turntables equipped with the ULM tonearm in select 500, 600, and later 1200 series models (505, 505-1, 506-1, 508, 528, 607, 608, 617Q, 627Q, 708Q, 728Q, 741Q, 1254, 1258, 1268).

We designed our gauge to the exact dimensions and then carefully fabricate it from a superior, strong, polished material. Your original or Pat's Audio 269-611 cartridge adapter will easily into our gauge and you'll be able to properly align the cartridge/stylus for optimal tracking and minimal distortion.


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