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Philips Turntable Pre-Wired Power Switch

Philips Turntable Pre-Wired Power Switch

Pre-wired power switch for the Philips 212 and 312 models (and more) with no soldering required. All you have to do is Snip, Strip, Twist!

Our replacement switch has been tested in dozens of Philips turntable repairs and we use it exclusively in our shop. It has a higher safety rating than the original (safe for worldwide use). Its heavy duty superior construction gives it a long lasting 10,000+ cycle lifespan.

Our switch has already been modified for your installation. The plunger stem been machined to the proper dimensions to fit your original push button cap or the chrome cap that we include. The switch bracket has been modified for easy placement and screw down. And, now the switch can be installed without having to solder any wires.

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