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Dual Turntable Add On Counterweight - Thin

Dual Turntable Add On Counterweight - Thin

Expertly designed and machined auxiliary counterweight is used on select Dual turntables in the 500, 600, and later 1200 series that have an ULM tonearm.

This thin size sub weight may be required at times when a 1/2" mount cartridge has been installed with a cartridge adapter (part 262-186 or 269-611) in place of the original Dual ULM cartridge. If required this sub-weight is attached to the back of the main counterweight to provide sufficient ballast when balancing the tonearm before setting the stylus tracking force. Please refer to the appropriate Dual turntable owner's manual for details.

As longtime trusted and respected Dual turntable service and repair experts we'll be glad to help. If you have any questions with regards to maintaining your Dual turntable in top condition feel free to contact us. That's something we guarantee other sellers can't do for you.

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