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Sota Sapphire Turntable Thrust Bearing

Sota Sapphire Turntable Thrust Bearing

Sapphire thrust bearing for the Original Sota Sapphire Turntable. Our sapphire bearing is the precise size for the original Sapphire model and fits exactly into the bottom of the platter bearing. Please note our bearing does not fit later Sota Sapphire models.

Buyer must be proficient in servicing the Sota Sapphire turntable and knowledgeable on how to access and replace the bearing. Great care must be exercised when servicing, transporting, moving, or shipping the Sota Sapphire turntable. (Note: we are not responsible for damage/breakage of any kind caused by improper handling, installation or transportation of the turntable or sapphire bearing. Refunds will not be accepted if the sapphire bearing is damaged during handling, installation, moving, transporting, or improper use.)


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