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Thorens Turntable TP-63 Cartridge Alignment Gauge

Thorens Turntable TP-63 Cartridge Alignment Gauge

Thorens TP-63 Overhang Alignment Gauge for the Thorens TP-63 arm wand/headshell and TP16 Isotrack tonearm.

Our proprietary and expert design was introduced to Thorens owners over 3 years ago and it has proven to be the most popular and accurate alignment gauge.

It's fabricated from a strong, smooth, polished material making it easy to precisely align the cartridge and stylus on your Thorens tonearm. In fact, we use it in our shop when setting up customer tonearms.

If you have any questions whether this gauge will work with your Thorens turntable, need help with how to use it, or need assistance with maintaining your Thorens turntable please feel free to inquire. As longtime trusted and dedicated turntable service and repair experts we'll be glad to help.

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