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Philips Turntable Cartridge Holder

Philips 212 Cartridge Holder

Pat's Audio 212 Cartridge Holder for the Philips 212, 312 model tonearms and more. We introduced our exclusive and proprietary design 5 years ago and it has proven to be the most reliable, accurate, and popular with more than 80 sold worldwide.

Our 212 Cartridge Holder is not only a perfect fit it also features gold plated spring-loaded pins, high quality multi-strand wire, tight-fit cartridge tags with all connections made using premium silver solder (no pre-made, crimped connector wires). All of this set in the proper wiring orientation for the highest quality audio signal. This is the attention to detail that you deserve.

Please consult your Philips owner manual to determine if this Cartridge Holder is compatible with your model. If you need assistance determining whether this will fit your model please inquire and we'll be glad to assist.

If you have any question with regards to maintaining your Philips turntable in top condition feel free to contact us. As longtime trusted and respected turntable service and repair experts we'll be glad to help. That's something we guarantee other sellers can't do for you.

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