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Empire Turntable Cartridge Holder for 980 and 990 Tonearms

Empire 980 and 990 Tonearm Cartridge Holder

Our pioneering design cartridge holder is the proper fit. We fabricate our cartridge holder from a strong, durable high quality material that won't warp or bow like the injection molded plastic type.

Our cartridge holder is the same width, length, and shape as the original cartridge holder. For instance, notice the small rounded tabs near the front. Our tabs are the correct size required to insure a solid and complete fit into the 980 and 990 headshells. The tabs on a competitor's product are too big and won't fit in all Empire headshells.

Each of our carefully assembled cartridge holders feature a correct size threaded brass screw insert for a secure installation. Unlike others we don't use a pressed-in hex nut that is also the wrong thread pitch for the headshell thumbscrew. That wrong size hex nut will leave you with a weak connection that puts your stylus at risk while the mis-threading can permanently damage the thumbscrew. And the hex nut will pop out sooner than later.

Our cartridge holder also features spring-loaded gold plated contact pins for an excellent audio signal connection. And our high quality multi-strand wires terminate with sturdy split-round cartridge connectors made in the USA from a premium alloy which are then soldered (not crimped on) using the finest silver based solder.

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