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Dual Turntable Cartridge Adapter 262-186

Dual Turntable Cartridge Adapter 262-186

1/2" mount cartridge adapter 262-186 for select Dual turntables equipped with the ULM (Ultra Low Mass) tonearm in select 500, 600, and later 1200 series models (506, 522, 528, 606, 622, 626, 650RC, 1256, 1257,1264).

Our cartridge adapter has been manufactured to exact dimensions which means you can accurately mount your cartridge for maximum groove tracing and minimal sound distortion. And it features two high quality improvements - a threaded brass screw insert (not a helical wire insert) and a steel (not plastic) centering pin for easy, secure, and precise installation.

Depending on the weight of the cartridge you select an additional counterweight (sub weight) might be required to properly balance the tonearm. Please visit our eBay store and you'll find various sub weights listed. Feel free to contact us for assistance in determining whether you might need a sub weight.

As longtime trusted and respected Dual turntable service and repair experts we'll be glad to help. If you have any question with regards to maintaining your Dual turntable in top condition feel free to contact us.

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