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Dual Turntable TK-12 Cartridge Holder

Dual Turntable TK-12 Cartridge Holder

Our high quality and perfect fit design improves on the original Dual cartridge holder by using a smooth plastic that is stable, high strength, and tough. We then added gold plated spring-loaded contact pins and hand-soldered wire leads for an excellent audio signal. Our cartridge holder has been the most popular on the market for over seven years with over 1400 units sold! Taking note of flaws in the original Dual design, we've replaced the flat leaf spring contacts with gold plated spring-loaded contact pins. The original flat contacts would eventually work loose from their plastic nubs but our spring-loaded pins fit perfectly and their high quality craftsmanship contributes directly to consistent top-notch sound. We've also improved on Dual's crimped wiring which would weaken over time and become contaminated by electrical oxidation. Our design features high quality multi-strand silver coated wire and all connections are hand soldered using the finest quality lead-free silver based solder for an excellent audio signal.

But that's not all! U-shaped cartridge clips make poor contact on the round cartridge posts disrupting the signal. We fixed this flaw and made strong round connectors with a slight split that make full, solid contact plus you can easily adjust them to fit any diameter pin. Our brass alloy cartridge connectors are coated in tin which not only protects against oxidation but also makes an excellent conductor. We don't take the easy road by using mass-produced wire leads with clips crimped onto the insulation that don't even make contact with the wire (and then hidden underneath shrink tubing). That unstable construction means an unsteady electrical current that quickly causes signal interference.

Since the purpose of the underside lining on the TK-12 cartridge holder is simply to ground the metal headshell and tonearm our highly effective brass liner doesn't add unnecessary weight or bulk, nor change the arm's effective mass which is fundamentally important for proper tonearm balance and control. As a bonus, we also include our Tracking Angle Shim. Like Dual we recommend installing this shim when playing single LPs to establish a more precise stylus vertical tracking angle. Our Cartridge Holder will fit the headshell on the Dual 1009SK, 1009F, 1010, 1010S, 1010F, 1015, 1015F, 1016, and 1019 models. If you don't see your model listed, send us a note! We'll be happy to let you know if our cartridge holder will fit your Dual tonearm.

Your vintage turntable is precious to you, so take care of it with quality replacement parts created by genuine turntable experts. If you have any question with regards to maintaining your Dual turntable in top condition feel free to contact us. As longtime trusted and respected Dual turntable service and repair experts we'll be glad to help.

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