Empire Turntable Cartridge Holder and Slot Nuts

Empire Turntable Cartridge Holder

Cartridge holder for Empire turntables with a 980 or 990 tonearm.

Fabricated from a strong, durable high quality plastic that won't warp or bow like the injection molded plastic type and is much stronger than the original.

Our cartridge holder is the same width, length, and shape as the original cartridge holder.

Features a correct size 3-48 heat staked threaded screw brass insert that is slightly raised like the original for an easy and secure installation.

Also features spring-loaded gold plated contact pins for an excellent audio signal connection. High quality multi-strand wires terminate with sturdy split-barrel cartridge connectors made in the USA from a premium alloy which are then soldered on using high quality silver based solder.

Also included are a pair high grade, precision cut aluminum (not plastic) slot nuts for bottom up cartridge mounting. The slot nuts are M2.5 thread pitch which will fit the most common size screw used to mount today's cartridges.