Garrard Turntable M7 Headshell Overhang Adjustable Plate

Garrard M7 Headshell Mounting Plate - Adjustable

Adjustable cartridge mounting plate for the Garrard M7 and M6 headshells. This new design solves the longstanding problem of how to adjust the stylus overhang. The plate can slide front and back providing a wide range of stylus overhang options.

Our design also incorporates a more common cartridge screw size (M2.5). Most new cartridges us this screw size and it is readily available if you need screws of a different length. The original cartridge plate used a difficult to find screw size. Our adjustable plate fits perfectly into the headshell and has threaded brass screw inserts for easy cartridge mounting. We also swapped out the plate's securing screw with a same M2.5 size and it too fits perfectly in the headshell.

Garrard M7 Headshell Overhang Plate