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Philips Turntable Power Switch

Philips Turntable Power Switch

Philips turntable power switch for the 212 and 312 models (and more). Our switch has been tested in dozens of Philips turntable repairs and we use it exclusively in our shop.

With hundreds of our switches sold you will find this to be the most reliable and high quality switch available. We use it exclusively in our shop when completing customer repairs. It has a high safety rating (safe for use worldwide) and its heavy duty superior construction gives it a long lasting 10,000+ cycle lifespan. Our switch is much sturdier than the original and other similar replacements.

Our switch has already been modified for your installation. The plunger stem has been machined down to the proper dimensions to fit your original push button cap and the mounting bracket holes machined for easy placement and attachment. Also included is the all important power safety capacitor. Philips added the safety capacitor on later models. The capacitor will prevent the loud "pop" heard through system speakers when the turntable is powered on or off.

Use the existing switch mounting bracket and screws when installing the new switch. Also included for your convenience is a replacement chrome push button cap. While the chrome finish is brighter than the matte silver finish on the original it still provides you with a solution should you be missing the original cap.

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