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Machined aluminum base provides much stronger support while preserving the Acoustic Research style. Carefully designed the cradle to keep the tone arm secure.

Precision machined from Delrin which is extremely durable with a low coefficient of friction for years of smooth spinning.

So what is the proper way to install the AR XA headshell?   To properly install it the headshell should be inserted into the arm want until flush and held in that position and only then should the locking collar be tightened.

Some Acoustic Research AR XA and XB owners aren't familiar with the process for setting the stylus overhang.  In this post, we'll go over how to correctly set your stylus overhang, and discuss why it's so important.

Exclusive design employs a sturdy clasp to keep your tonearm safe. Machined aluminum post provides strong support while preserving the Acoustic Research look.

Designed to precise dimensions in order to set the stylus overhang for optimal tracking and minimal distortion.

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